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Why do you need an IELTS certificate?
Create your training program based on your goals
Admission to the world's best universities
If you plan to apply to universities for educational programs in English, you will need to provide an IELTS certificate for the ACADEMIC module to confirm your level of English proficiency.
A work visa
Employers in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, USA, Canada are asking for the results of the IELTS exam. When submitting documents for obtaining a work visa, you must pass the IELTS module GENERAL.
Immigration to a foreign country
Are you going to change your place of residence and move to another country? You definitely need to confirm the level of language proficiency, take care of this in advance! Most often, to obtain an immigrant visa, you need IELTS in the GENERAL module.
8 reasons to take the IELTS exam with us:
  • 1. Price
    We register for the IELTS exam at the lowest prices in all of Tashkent!
  • 2. Convenient registration
    You can register for the exam online by filling in all the necessary information on the website.
  • 3. Free training course
    Applicants who register through our Center receive an online preparation course for all 4 parts of IELTS, as well as a practice exam, absolutely free.
  • 4. Consultation with an IELTS trainer as a gift
    Practice the Speaking Part before the exam and get feedback from an IELTS trainer for a free consultation.
  • 5. Full IELTS-taker support
    Our consultants are always in touch, they will promptly answer any of your questions. We also provide materials to prepare for the exam.
  • 6. Comfortable conditions for passing the exam
    The exam takes place in a new, spacious office with the possibility of taking the Speaking Part by Video call with a native speaker examiner.
  • 7. Special IELTS Care program
    If you did not pass the IELTS score on the first try, we will give you a 15% discount on retaking the exam, as well as materials for preparation.
  • 8. Professional administrators only
    IELTS-administrators do their best to pass the exam in a comfortable and pleasant environment.
You can find us on the official website
How do I register for the exam?
Select an IELTS exam date
Select an exam date and read the IELTS rules and conditions, as well as information for test takers before enrolling.
Make payment
After completing the registration form, payment must be made in order to secure a place in the exam. You can pay for the exam through the payment form on the website.
Fill out an electronic form
Fill out the registration form (the link will be sent to the mail after payment) and enter all the necessary information. Once completed, the form is automatically sent for review and verification.
Confirmation of registration
After payment and receipt of the completed form, we will contact you to confirm your registration.
Register for a convenient day for passing the exam in 2022
Registration for the IELTS exam
IELTS Computer-based
  • can be taken every week from Wednesday to Friday and once a month Saturday
  • Sign up for the IELTS computer format 14 days before the exam
  • Each candidate receives an online training course as a gift
  • Computer-based exam cost
    1,900,800.00 UZS
The advantages of a computer format
  • The certificate is ready in 10 days
  • It is convenient to write an essay on a computer: no need to worry about handwriting, the number of words is calculated automatically
  • No need to rewrite answers in a separate form
  • The timer is visible on the screen, which helps to allocate time more efficiently
Computer-delivered IELTS video tutorial
Computer-delivered IELTS tutorial
What you need to know about IELTS examiners
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