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Why do you need an IELTS certificate?
Create your training program based on your goals
Why should you prepare for IELTS with us?
The desired result on the first try
We guarantee that you will receive the required score. Failed to dial it the first time? It doesn't matter, we will help you prepare for the second exam absolutely free of charge.
Certified IELTS-trainers
Our teachers are professionals in their field, they know how to better and more clearly convey even the most difficult material to students.
Effective and affordable online courses
Each of our courses includes a different set of additional programs that will help you prepare for a good score. You do not need to pay extra for the practice exam, Speaking seminars, training webinars with IELTS trainers or materials.
Speaking Workshops
All of our students are welcome to attend conversation seminars. Speaking Workshops is an opportunity to assess your progress, complete exam tasks, and receive detailed feedback on the IELTS assessment criteria.
Flexible schedule
Prepare for the IELTS exam on an international platform at a convenient time for you.
Free mock exam
To make your preparation even more effective, our courses include a free mock exam.
Course structure
Interactive tasks on the online platform
Watch instructional videos from our IELTS experts on the 4 parts of the exam, practice with tests, and practice assignments (essays and Speaking for verification).
Weekly live webinars with IELTS experts
Analysis of the most difficult moments in the Writing, Listening and Reading parts with the ability to ask questions to experts right during the webinar. The duration of the webinar is 60 minutes.
Practice speaking at Speaking Workshops
Practical sessions with an IELTS trainer on the Speaking part to work out the main topics and types of questions for the IELTS exam. The duration of the lesson is 90 minutes.
We know how to achieve a high score
Our students' results
Looking to get 7+ on the IELTS exam?
Then you need to do the following:
Stage 1
Start your IELTS preparation with a free 3-day trial access to the platform
Explore our IELTS courses, complete tasks on the platform and experience the learning environment of MasterIELTS.
Stage 2
Join the main IELTS preparation course
Complete assignments on the online platform when you have free time, following a ready-made plan, as well as attend live webinars and Speaking Workshops with IELTS trainers.
Stage 3
Pass IELTS exam and achieve your dream
Register for the exam, get your IELTS certificate with a desired score after effective preparation, and make your global dream come true. You can not only prepare for the exam, but also take it at our center in Tashkent.
Online IELTS Preparation Courses
IELTS Fast Track
  • 1 month
  • 55 videolessons
  • 6 Writing tasks checked
  • 6 Speaking tasks checked
  • 8 live webinars
  • 4 Speaking Workshops
  • Webinar recordings
  • Computer mock exam
2,197,000 UZS
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Expert Course
  • 2 months
  • 67 videolessons
  • 12 Writing tasks checked
  • 10 Speaking tasks checked
  • 12 live webinars
  • 6 Speaking Workshops
  • Webinar recordings
  • Computer mock exam
2,935,000 UZS
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Expert Plus
  • 3 months
  • 105 videolessons
  • 16 Writing tasks checked
  • 16 Speaking tasks checked
  • 12 live webinars
  • 8 Speaking Workshops
  • Webinar recordings
  • Computer mock exam
3,670,000 UZS
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In 2010, the MasterIELTS Center was opened in St. Petersburg. Thanks to our innovative methodology, hundreds of students are convinced that taking IELTS is real, easy and fun! In 2011, MasterIELTS became the most popular and effective IELTS preparation center and began attracting students from all over Russia.

In 2015, our IELTS experts began work on an online platform that would enable everyone, regardless of location, time zone and daily routine, to prepare effectively for IELTS!
  • In 2016 we launched MasterIELTS Online. The famous MasterIELTS courses, but in the format of an online school, are now available to everyone.
  • In 2020, we became the Center for Testing and Preparing for the IELTS Good Testing exam, preparing and registering students not only in St. Petersburg but also in Yekaterinburg!