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IELTS Writing: Countable and uncountable nouns

Useful tips for IELTS Writing from professional IELTS experts.

Countable and uncountable nouns:
1. Research
Singular: a piece of research
Plural: a lot of research, a huge amount of research,
Negative: not much research

- I did a lot of research for this post!
- My colleague just shared a very interesting piece of research with me.
- Not much research has been done into this very innovative system.

2. Evidence
Singular: a piece of evidence
Plural: a lot of evidence, a huge amount of evidence
Negative: not much evidence

-He came to me with a startling piece of evidence.
-There is a lot of evidence to support this hypothesis.
-He did not have much evidence to prove his alibi.

3. Equipment
Singular: a piece of equipment, a type of equipment
Plural: a lot of equipment, a huge amount of equipment
Negative: not much equipment

- My gym is always quick to buy the latest piece of equipment.
- Her kitchen is a joy to work in; she has a huge amount of equipment in there.
-There is not much equipment in the new laboratory.

4. Work
Also homework/schoolwork. You may be overworked but you never have many works.
Singular: a piece of work
Plural: a lot of work, a huge amount of work
Negative: not much work

- The student handed in his piece of homework.
- After my recent move, I have a lot of work to do at home.
- He has very little work these days; he’s mainly out on the golf course!
- There is not much work for him in the office these days.

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